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I am a simple gal. With a beautiful dream, not knowing if all will come true. Many desires deep within my heart(hopefully I can blog about) not knowing where to go. But because I am a very outspoken & bold I think I managed to climb up certain stairs in my life, which brought light into my life... And now I am progressing =) Well I wouldn't really say simple as have been pampered since young. So ya... I only update my blog once in a blue moon, like a thriller story you know? Excited to know what is in the climax.. LOL... Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my blog! MUAAAAHHH!!!



i am super excited for christmas... can't wait... i insist that we put up christmas tree on fri 27/11/2009 as it was a lolz... cleared up. sat went for grocery shopping thn sunday went for 100 years anglican diocese service. damn cool la. all of us had communion together & the anglican chant. damn cool.


MOONSTRUCK =D @ clarke quay



well from a luxurious life going into a scanty life can be a very difficult thing. but as for me, i actually realised as long as i am with the ones i love + with the basic needs of life ( maslow's theory ), life can still go on. well i aint living in my super big house where all of had our own room with our fav colours on the wall. toilet is with bathtub, super big toilet. my hall was huge enough to i duno open a club maybe? from there we are now living in a 2 bed room 1 hall 1 toilet house. what the hell? yes just like how paris hilton had her "simple life" show. lolz. what the hell am i comparing with? yea whatever! it was not daddy had no money to pay for the house like many ppl claim. just some issues with the internal relatives on dad's side. super jealous ass holes. well yea. they will suffer for bringing us to this state. they will live their lifes in drains. trust me it will happen =)

well living here is not so bad. as like how every girl wish, my boyfriend lives few floors below me in the same block. * no need to spend money to see him * YEAY!  thn the stadium is just few steps away from my blk. & the best part is MY WORK PLACE IS ONLY 20 MINS AWAY!!! wooohooo... i only need to wake up @ 7am & leave home @ 8am. like damn shiok ah.i get to see the sun set too... wooohoooo.



shifting is done. now is only cleaning , unpacking & deco for christmas. i don't care!!! no matter what happens my christmas will carry on =D ... anyway tooooo tired to talk abt anything now.. will update soom all my emotions.. lolz... =D