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I am a simple gal. With a beautiful dream, not knowing if all will come true. Many desires deep within my heart(hopefully I can blog about) not knowing where to go. But because I am a very outspoken & bold I think I managed to climb up certain stairs in my life, which brought light into my life... And now I am progressing =) Well I wouldn't really say simple as have been pampered since young. So ya... I only update my blog once in a blue moon, like a thriller story you know? Excited to know what is in the climax.. LOL... Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my blog! MUAAAAHHH!!!


a DeDiCaTiOn To My SwIt LoVe

There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye and now I know
How far you'd go

I know I let you down but it's not like that now
This time I'll never let you go

I will be all that you want and get myself together
'Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I'll be with you forever

To get you through the day and make everything okay

I thought that I had everything
I didn't know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside

Now I can breathe 'cause you're here with me

And if I let you down, I'll turn it all around
'Cause I would never let you go

Without you I can't breathe
I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave
You're all I got, you're all I want,
'Cause without you I don't know what I'd do
I can never, ever live a day without you
Here with me, do you see you're all I need?

* every single word is meant for u!!!
so make sure u read everything!!!


DiNnEr WiD mUmMy

went for dinner @ downtown east yesterday...
kinda confused what to eat...
than mummy say lets go to pastamania...

12" ham & mushroom regular

our dinner

cheese stick

Ham & cheesy crumble fusili

before our pizza arrived

the pizza, the mushroom tasted sooo raw...
but mum loved it so gave it all to her...
than the pasta was suppose to be nachos cheese base...
but it wasn't ...
what the hell such a cheater bug...
they covered up by addin in parmasen cheese...
but still we ate till i blotted up again....
everyone said aft the op i have been loosing weight...
but now i am putting my weight again...